Full-Day & Half-Day Immersions

The Full-Day and Half-Day Immersion Program is intended for people who want the benefit of the 3 hour sessions offered as part of the Weekend Virtual Retreats, but lack the time to attend the full weekend. Like Weekend retreats, immersions are tailored to fit your unique needs and challenges. You may choose to address gambling disorder, substance abuse, trauma response symptoms, or a combination of these issues, as well as the negative self-referential beliefs that accompany them. Our work will start with extensive resourcing, meaning that we will create tools for you that improve your emotional stability and confidence. We will then work together to desensitize and reprocess addictive urges and trauma response symptoms using the latest tools in addiction- and trauma-focused EMDR.

Sample Full-Day Immersion

9am-12pm – Trauma-focused EMDR

  • Process the traumas that may be driving the addiction
    • For example, a person may be abusing alcohol because it helps her feel less bothered by past abuse and keeps her nightmares at bay.  In this stage of treatment, we gently process both the abuse and the attendant nightmares.
  • Process traumas seemingly unrelated to the addiction
    • “Small t” childhood traumas such as being belittled by a teacher or verbally bullied by a sibling.
    • “Big T” childhood traumas such as physical abuse by a caregiver or peer.
    • Single incident or chronic trauma in adulthood such as a serious car accident or intimate partner violence

3pm-6pm – Addiction-focused EMDR

Here, we work with urge and trigger desensitization protocols to decrease the frequency and intensity of urges and to heal their roots.

Some EMDR-based interventions we use may include:

  • Feeling State Addiction Protocol
  • DeTur (Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Reprocessing)
  • Bridging back from the moment before the urge to resolve its roots
  • Connecting the Consequences Protocol

Full-day immersion, cost per day: $1,200

Half-day immersion, cost per half-day: $600


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