Have you been through difficult or traumatic life experiences that impact your life today even though they happened years ago?

Have you been experiencing feelings of deep sadness, anxiety, panic, regret or self-doubt?

Have you developed an addiction to a substance, behavior, or relationship as a way to manage these overwhelming feelings, only to have the addiction take on a life of its own?

If so, I would be honored to help you.

If you are motivated to change and want to see rapid results, I am confident that I can provide tools, techniques, and loving presence necessary to help you to be the best version of yourself.

No matter how long or how deeply you have been bothered by these feelings, memories, or addictions, rapid and permanent healing can be possible. Using an intensive yet compassionate and mindful approach, I will work with you to help resolve hurts and harmful life patterns you believed would be your burden to bear forever.

As an addiction and trauma therapy specialist, I pride myself in being an expert in addictive patterns and what drives them. I use EMDR to treat both addictions and the traumatic experiences that perpetuate them. A professional trainer, I teach other therapists in the use of EMDR-related techniques. They are my passion because... they work!

The poet Hafiz captures my heart: "I wish I could show you | When you are lonely or in darkness | The astonishing light of your own being!" It would be my profound privilege to watch you awaken to an awareness of your own light, free from the addictive patterns and traumas of your past. Join me. Let's see you shine!

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About Brief Therapy Works

Brad Galvin created Brief Therapy Works as an efficient, effective alternative to long term psychotherapy. During his 15 years experience in the mental health, chemical dependency, and gambling addiction fields, he refined an approach to healing that has helped many people work through deep pain to become truly free.