Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol and recreational/illicit drugs can provide temporary relief from emotional pain and also provide pleasant physical and emotional sensations. For most people who drink or use drugs, their use remains occasional and moderate and does not develop into a problem.

For many others, particularly people who have experienced trauma in their lives, their first use of alcohol or drugs may be the first time they truly felt at ease, at peace. The relief may be so profound that they repeat their use as often as possible. I believe this is common sense and do not view this with judgment: as humans we repeat behaviors that make us feel good, particularly when they also mute uncomfortable feelings. At first, it seemed that alcohol or drugs solved a problem that needed solving: emotional pain.

Unfortunately over time people develop tolerance and experience various problems related to their addiction. No longer a relief from suffering, it has become a source of suffering itself. It can cause people to compromise their values and ethics, placing drug or alcohol use above self-care and friendships.

No matter how unmanageable your life has become due to drug or alcohol use, I am confident we can work together towards healing the pain/trauma at the root of your addiction and the habits that keep the addiction alive. I have specialized training to help you work through the issues at the root of your addiction and the triggers and habit patterns that maintain it. It is possible to find permanent healing for these issues. I look forward to working with you and supporting you in your recovery. You matter.


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