The ability to access treatment for trauma and addiction is more crucial now than ever due to the social isolation the vast majority of us have experienced due to Covid-19.  The need for intensive treatment of trauma, substance abuse, and gambling disorder has only increased during this unprecedented confluence of events in our nation’s history.  EMDR intensives work exceptionally well in a virtual environment.

There are many benefits to intensive telehealth:

  • Flexibility. I created Brief Therapy Works as a place where rapid healing of traumas and the addictions that accompany them is possible if you’re motivated to do the incredibly rewarding work.  Telehealth broadens this by adding location flexibility so you are able to work through issues on your time, without the need to travel to a specific office location for services.
  • Efficacy. Telehealth can offer the same results as meeting in the office: we breathe together, process pain together, share tears, and dream together.  The connection is real and profound.
  • Confidentiality. The Simple Practice video application we use is HIPAA compliant, meaning that our sessions are private and secure.
  • Mastery. You will gain confidence in yourself as you learn the art of self-tapping, a skill you can use between sessions to manage trauma response symptoms and any emotional distress you experience.

Let’s get started!

  • Give me a call for a free consultation.  (206) 339-4546
  • After our call, I will send you a link to complete the intake documents.  This typically takes about 15 minutes and helps to guide our work together.
  • Once you complete these documents, you will receive an appointment link by email.  Click the link at our appointment time and we’ll meet!
  • For additional information on the Simple Practice video application, click here: Telehealth Instructions


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